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Quad Environmental Services, Inc.


  2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Number of OSHA recordable cases (OSHA 200 Form) none none none none 1
Number of lost workday cases none none none none 1
Number of restricted workday cases none none none none none
Number of cases with medical attention only none none none none none
Number of fatalities none none none none none
Total number of employee hours worked 31,051 27.813 34,759 33,600 34,340
Experience Modification Rate * .93 0.91 0.99 1.00 .76
Recordable Incident Rate 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 5.8

*The Company was insured for Worker's Compensation Insurance through the State of Texas Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fund and now by Texas Mutual Insurance Co..

The experience modifier rating of 1.00 during the 2003 insurance year was due to a combination of an increase in claims for our industry and one claim Quad incurred in 2000. (See page 4 for the rating which applies to the insurance year 5/1/04 to 5/1/05)

In 2000, an employee alleged that he had injured his back on the job. Upon reporting his complaint, the employee was taken immediately to an industrial medical clinic where the employee received a thorough examination (including x-ray) by both a physician and a physical therapist. The employee was released for return to work that same day, but refused to return to work. The employee failed to respond to our efforts to contact him and failed to return to the examining clinic for follow-up exams.

The employee subsequently filed a worker’s compensation claim. Payments on this claim were eventually discontinued when results of several MRI’s and physical examinations (this included his own physician as well as a physician appointed by the Texas Workmen’s Compensation Fund) indicated that there was no impairment.

Based on an in depth investigation of the facts surrounding the alleged incident and in light of the lack of corroborative medical tests (x-rays, MRI’s, etc.), Quad considers the alleged injury to be invalid and, therefore, a non-recordable OSHA incident.


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