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Case Study

Chemical Cleaning of Heat Exchangers

Applying Innovation

Quad takes great pride in listening to our clients, analyzing problems, and searching for the correct solution instead of applying a standard or packaged approach. While listening and analyzing sometimes takes longer than the packaged method, our clients are the beneficiaries of better results and better service.

The Client=s Situation

Quad=s client had significant problems with heat transfer. The heat exchangers, designed specifically as part of their waste treatment system, were significantly under performing. Their own contractor chemically cleaned the exchangers using the same method repeatedly. Unfortunately for the client, the performance of their heat exchangers was virtually unchanged as a result of that treatment. In addition, performance dropped off dramatically in only a few days following chemical cleaning -- disassembly and hand cleaning of the exchanger was often the only way to cover proper heat transfer. This required replacement of expensive gasketing.

The former contractor was asked to try something different since the approach wasn=t effective. The contractor responded that the program had been developed over years of experience and was, quite simply, the best method.

The customer had only three weeks of run time from the exchangers. The problem became so acute -- and the associated cleaning costs so high -- that replacement of the exchanger was a serious consideration. Based on the costs being incurred, a significant investment could be justified.

Could Quad Help?


Quad was asked to recommend an approach. Our personnel spent time reviewing the use of the exchangers, means of operations, and types and variability of the materials which flowed through them. We determined that the problem resulted from the peculiar mix of both organic and inorganic materials that were deposited in the exchangers during their use. Upon review, Quad structured a multi-step program, designed using more than one chemical formulation and means of hydraulic agitation. This program required an insignificant increase in performance time.

We listened, analyzed, performed -- and reaped outstanding success

Following each cleaning, the exchangers= performance was restored virtually to design -- a record that actually exceeded costly hand cleaning. Additionally, the heat transfer stayed at a much higher level for a much longer period of time. Quad set another record with runs times exceeding 90 days. Quad=s performance significantly exceeded the client=s objective of 60 days.

Quad now performs this work on a continuing basis for this client. Recovery of heat transfer following cleaning continues at a high level and the time interval between cleanings continues to improve.



Quad reduced the customer=s

Quad reduced direct cost by more than 75% and reduced indirect costs associated with down-time by 400%. The customer has canceled all plans of replacing the heat exchangers since it is no longer cost-justified to do so.


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Last modified: July 26, 2005