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Statement of Qualifications

Corporate Overview


Key Personnel  

Experience Summary

Vessel Cleaning and Decontamination  



Special Industrial Services       Environmental, Remediation, Closures
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Corporate Overview

Quad Environmental Services, Inc. is a highly responsive and creative company providing specialized environmental and industrial services . Specific services include petrochemical and chemical vessel cleaning and decontamination, pre commissioning of plant equipment and facilities, waste management programs, waste treatment and processing, remediation, spill clean-up, and project management.

Management individuals with broad backgrounds in environmental and industrial services formed Quad Environmental Services in 1993. Their experience is practical, not just theoretical. As both generators and disposers, experiences include transporting, handling, treating, processing, recycling, reclaiming and disposing of thousands of different waste materials. The management of Quad Environmental views clients' problems in the same light as if they were their own, by searching for the most practical & economical solution.

Quad's management has over 70 years of combined experience in applying sound management principles to the solution of environmental and industrial problems. Industrial and hazardous waste management is a cornerstone of our experience.

Quad personnel have been responsible for starting and managing a multi-million dollar commercial hazardous waste disposal company.

Quad personnel have formed and managed private and commercial (for-hire) hazardous waste transportation operations.

Quad personnel have been responsible for permitting, design, construction, and operation of a commercial hazardous waste disposal facility.

Quad has substantial experience in cleaning virtually all form of petrochemical and chemical tanks and vessels free of residues and gases.

Quad personnel have management and "hands-on" experience in remediation and construction of hazardous waste management units, including remediation, closure, and reconstruction during ongoing operations.

Quad has experience in defining, setting up, and coordinating waste management programs for generators which emphasize total cost evaluations, waste reduction, recycling, and waste minimization.

Quad personnel have extensive experience in waste treatment and processing operations, both fixed base and in the field.

Quad personnel have experience with both CERCLA and RCRA regulated sites, as well as industrial facilities.

Quad’s management personnel were involved with much of the formative work in applying chemical decontamination to process systems.

A Custom Tailored Approach

Each industrial situation involving waste management is unique. Similarly, each industrial service is made unique by consideration of its environmental consequences. Quad considers customer needs, regulations, operating conditions and waste characteristics. Quad approaches each project by analyzing the situation, the objectives and the alternative solutions. Then we measure the economic trade-offs of each. Based upon this work, we select the technologies, tools and work plans which will result in the best overall option. Quad seeks ways to reduce overall volume of waste and to isolate, remove or contain those constituents which make the material hazardous. Reduced volume reduces expense --- both for transportation and disposal.

In appropriate situations, Quad utilizes proprietary technology so that the most costly materials are reduced, often converted to a less hazardous level, thereby reducing cost further. Classification change means that direct costs like transportation and disposal are less as are waste fees due to regulatory agencies (the "hidden costs" of waste disposal).

Safety is the Focus

Quad’s ongoing safety program has an outstanding safety record. All of Quad's management and field employees are fully HAZWOPER trained. We ensure that all of our company's employees are substance-free.

Regulations & Compliance

Environmental matters can be a "mine field" for the inexperienced. Quad's experienced personnel understand the regulations and know how to interact with regulatory agencies. Our expertise is available to keep you in compliance.

Services Provided by Quad

Quad Environmental Services can provide the design, planning, co-ordination, management and execution of industrial service and waste management projects including:

Vessel Cleaning and Decontamination

Quad has extensive experience in cleaning and decontamination of vessels and has developed portable, self contained cleaning units with which to provide this type of service. With our approach little or no human entry is necessary . As important, many vessels may be cleaned without opening to the atmosphere, complying with clean air regulations. In addition to chemical cleaning, the company provides hydro blasting services. Among the vessels cleaned are:                  

  • Rail tank cars
  • Stationary storage tanks
  • Chemical and petrochemical towers and reactor vessels
  • Chemical and petrochemical heat exchangers
  • Refining, chemical and petrochemical process units
  • Piping and plant process systems

Waste Processing

  • Separation of mixed liquid streams by emulsion breaking and dispersion reduction

  • Separation of liquid and solid waste stream constituents by mechanical chemical means

  • Cleaning of hydrocarbon contaminated soils and other solids by washing and chemical and biological treating techniques

  • Chemical toxicity reduction, solidification and fixation of materials containing metal compounds
  • Solidification and fixation of materials containing certain organic contaminates.
  • Chemical/physical reduction of flash points, fumes, vapors and reactive materials.
  • Product recovery


Quad provides high quality, cost effective cleanup of contaminated buildings water, soil and equipment. We select the optimal methods or combination of methods to correct the problem and eliminate the environmental hazard. Among the technologies we use are:

  • Solidification
  • Fixation
  • Bioremediation
  • Chemical treatment and conversion
  • Bioaugmentation
  • Thermal treatment
  • Solids washing techniques

Key Personnel

Charles L. Goodner has 30 years of experience in service businesses with time spent in the transportation, cleaning, and handling and disposal of hazardous and non hazardous materials as well as in the equipment repair business. He was instrumental in starting and operating a hazardous waste treatment and disposal company in 1980 and subsequently started and operated a hazardous waste transportation and chemical reclamation (processing) company.

While his management experience includes general management, administration, operations and maintenance, the majority of his work has been in sales and marketing and customer service. Mr. Goodner was one of the founders of Quad Environmental Services, Inc. and has been intimately involved in the development of Quad’s highly specialized niche services. He earned his BS in 1973 with emphasis in industrial management and transportation.

James P. Kelley has over 37 years of experience in the chemical and related industry field including more than 25 years of direct management responsibilities for operations involving both hazardous and non-hazardous materials and wastes. Areas of expertise include regulatory compliance in a broad range of regulatory matters, operations, maintenance, transportation and distribution, technical, health, safety, and training. Mr. Kelley earned a BS Degree in Economics from the University of Houston in 1970.

Stephen C. Ohm has been involved in the industrial and environmental service industries since 1971. His experience is broad, covering safety management, sales and marketing and general management. Commercial experience is equally diverse with experience in several industries, including general contracting, offshore production, pipeline, terminaling and transportation, asbestos abatement and plant maintenance. Mr. Ohm received his BE in 1971.

William D. Meyer has 31 years of experience in accounting, administration and finance. He received a BBA in Accounting in 1969. He has served as senior vice president and CFO of a major bulk transporter of chemicals and petrochemicals

His experience includes key participation in many business acquisitions and corporate consolidations. He has an extensive background in the overall management of the accounting, administrative and financial functions as well as day-to-day hands-on experience in those same areas. He is skilled in planning and executing complex projects with limited budgets and time constraints.

Fred Sieber has 37 years of management experience in several fields including manufacturing, logistics and service businesses, the latter principally involving process industries. He served as executive Vice President of one of the nation's largest over the road bulk transporters of chemicals and petrochemicals and as an officer of a major commercial bulk storage terminal company. His environmental experience dates from 1979, when he formed a company to dispose of hazardous wastes pursuant to post RCRA guidelines. Subsequent to the sale of that enterprise, he was president of a development stage enterprise endeavoring to commercialize the application of super critical fluids to the treatment of organic waste materials.

Prior to participating in the formation of Quad Environmental Services, Inc., Mr. Sieber was President of the Environmental Division of a publicly traded company which specialized in turn around maintenance services.

Mr. Sieber’s division specialized in providing petroleum oil storage tank sludge recovery and cleaning and process decontamination. He has experience in problems and technical solutions in solid, liquid and air pollution matters utilizing numerous technologies including thermal systems. His undergraduate degree was awarded in 1961, graduate in 1966.

Micheal L. Wagner, Jr. has 6 years experience in chemical transfer, chemical cleaning, tank cleaning (including maritime vessels). He has managed decontamination and demolition projects, stabilization, remediation and hydroblasting.

Operations Personnel: Quad's operating personnel staff includes fifteen supervisory, senior technicians, technicians and operators, and one health and safety officer.

Experience Summary

Project Experience: Special Industrial Services

Turnaround management of wastewater treatment equipment A major petrochemical manufacturer periodically has to service its benzene stripper system, removing contamination build up which makes the unit ineffective. The stripper system is a significant part of its waste water treatment facility and there is no back-up system, so extended outages can potentially result in environmental non-compliance. Quad worked with the company, organized the tasks and developed techniques to minimize the critical path enabling minimum out of service time is required. Other contractors have attempted to match Quad’s performance, but have fallen miserably short-so...Quad always performs the work for this customer.

Formulated a biodegradable high flash point cleaning solvent for a chemical manufacturer Quad was contacted by a customer with a significant problem...a highly viscous tar was leaking from the seals of a positive displacement pump into the drive coupling. A means of removal was needed-if the material wasn’t periodically removed, it would require shut down of the plant unit–very undesirable. Conventional techniques such as hydroblasting was not the answer, it didn’t work well, created significant amounts of waste water and make a large mess. The need was unique, if a chemical was used, it had to be safe and biodegradable. Since operating temperature of the unit was approximately 300OF, a very high flash point was required. We succeeded, developing a completely biodegradable material, with a flash point well in excess of operating conditions, but most importantly, one that easily removed the contaminant.

Hydrocarbon storage tank cleaning and product recovery. The pipeline division of a major oil company purchased three oil storage tanks from another company. The three tanks contained 7,000 barrels of highly asphaltenic and parrafinic sludge which had accumulated over many years. The problem - accomplish the work in a very short period of time - economically. In addition, recover as much material as possible and minimize waste material. Quad cleaned three storage tanks and recovered the sludge. Personnel entry was required only to add final polish cleaning to the tanks. Virtually all of the 7,000 barrels of sludge was recovered as usable material (refine able product). Quad combined chemistry specifically formulated to disperse the constituents of the sludge and inhibit their reformation, diluent provided by the customer and specifically designed hydraulic circulation equipment to liquify the sludge (and keep it liquid at ambient temperature). We recovered the entire product inside the tank. The sludge material was fully recovered as a salable product and sent to a refinery for processing.

Process unit decontamination-desiccant dryers A plastics manufacturer utilizes desiccant dryers to remove certain materials from a styrene feed stock stream. Periodically, the contaminated desiccant must be removed and disposed of.. Although the client’s procedure was to wash the material in place prior to removal, the desiccant is always significantly contaminated with styrene, making it hazardous and an odor problem. Following removal, the material has to be dried prior to off site disposal (which can cause potential odor problems). In order to solve the client’s problem, Quad developed a methodology to decontaminate styrene dryer units in-place, using a non-hazardous cleaning system. The desiccant is removed completely free of styrene and odor and is to be re-sold for a secondary application.

Process unit decontamination-Ammonia stripper column A chemical manufacturer utilizes an ammonia stripping system in its herbicide production unit. The contaminants which accumulate in this system include ammonia, the herbicide and hydrogen cyanide. Cleaning this equipment conventionally is fraught with risks of exposure and release. Making it even more difficult, the ring-packed column, its reboiler and associated equipment are located at the second and third level of the production structure which is open to the environment. Quad formulated a chemical system and developed the methodology to decontaminate the entire unit utilizing a continuous circulation technique.

Chemical/Physical Systems for cleaning and decontaminating extremely odorous materials Manufacturers of organic-sulfur compounds have special problems when maintenance must be performed on process equipment. Often the materials are hazardous and must be carefully dealt with to protect human health and the environment. Virtually always these materials, such as mercaptans, are exceedingly odorous – only a few parts per million will odorize a large area. The equipment used to produce these materials must not only be cleaned, it must be de-odorized. All of this work must be done without communication with the environment. Quad’s expertise in closed-loop cleaning techniques enabled us to perform decontamination and cleaning of storage tanks, transportation and process equipment for two major producers of this type of material. Special release-free equipment was combined with chemical systems specifically formulated to convert the odorous material to a non-odorous state.

 Removal and chemical fixation of plant waste collection system material Removed in excess of 1,200 cubic yards of material from a client's wastewater holding pit. Since the basin was the major waste collection unit, timing was critical! The material was moved to temporary storage for processing. Total downtime was less than four days. The benzine-containing waste material was treated to non-hazardous standards.

 Developed and deployed a technique to chemically clean heat exchangers Working with a major Gulf Coast petrochemical manufacturer, Quad developed a multi-pass technique which returned exchanger to 99% of design and increased run time by a factor of four.

 For a major manufacturer of chemical materials, developed an on site, non-entry technique to clean rails cars of the hardened material usually left deposited in the vessels. The cars could be quickly cleaned at the customer's plant site saving significant time and money. Risky personnel confined space entry was avoided by using chemical/physical techniques developed by Quad.

 For a manufacturer of specialized equipment, designed, installed and operate, a field unit to pre commission vessels utilized in offshore oil exploration. Working for the manufacturer of specialized equipment, Quad installed and operates facilities to pre commission equipment. Unlike most installations which would clean, and passivate or prepares metal surfaces, Quad’s facilities utilize closed loop circulation, minimizing environmental exposure.

 Devised a means to chemically degas rail cars prior to cleaning activities for a Texas rail car maintenance facility. Quad’s inventive approach integrated the elimination of vapors with cleaning activities, eliminating the possibility of releases to the atmosphere during cleaning operations, Accordingly, no expensive vapor control technology (and its associated time for permitting) was required.

 Devised and employed a technique for removing hazardous organic vapors from a process tower, allowing safe personnel entry. For a major petrochemical manufacturer, Quad developed a technique which stripped hydrocarbon vapors from the vessel. The procedure reduced elapsed time to entry and created minimal waste materials (all of which could be treated by on-site facilities).

 Devised and deployed a technique to chemically clean an amine stripper tower in preparation for personnel entry. Quad’s approach cut the total time required to prepare the tower for repairs to less than 24 hours, much less than traditional means.

Developed and executed a technique to remove sludgy reactor bottom material from the process vessel in a petrochemical manufacturing plant. The work was accomplished in less time than conventional techniques requiring confined space entry, and was conducted with so little mess that plant operators were unaware that the work was being conducted.

Devised and employed a technique to safely clean storage vessels containing pyrophoric, flammable and poisonous residues Quad’s approach reduced the material to safe levels, and required no human entry.

 Designed and fabricated vessel cleaning equipment which ensures completely closed-loop cleaning Quad’s design, used extensively on vessels of all types, ranging from rail cars to storage tanks to process equipment, enables non-entry cleaning with closed circuits for liquid and gaseous contents.

 For a major Texas petrochemical manufacturer, developed chemical cleaning formulations to quickly and efficiently remove spilled residues previously found quite troublesome to clean.

Developed, administered and operated a hazardous material spill response program for a major for-hire motor freight transport company. Operations cover movements from the Gulf Coast to virtually every state in the U.S.

 Formulated techniques and materials to safely clean vessels containing both flammable, odiferous, organic materials and pyrophoric, inorganic compounds.

 Execution of numerous on-site sludge stabilization projects Projects included liquid-solid separation and treatment of acidic and caustic metal treating sludges , reducing the solids to non hazardous condition.

 Project Experience: Environmental Projects, Remediation and Closures

 Decontamination of a closed herbicide production facility, Houston Texas A significant project spanning seven months, Quad cleaned process equipment and structural components of a chemical facility. Operation of the plant unit had been ceased several years before, but the unit was expected to be put back into service, accordingly, it had not been emptied and cleaned prior to shut down. The process unit had contained a diversity of hazardous and environmentally unfriendly organic and inorganic chemicals, including hexachlorobenzene, anhydrous and liquid HCl, freons, chlorine, sodium hydroxide and PCBs, just to name a few. Quad, worked in close coordination with the demolition contractor performed all its cleaning and decontamination duties safely and under budget.

Closure of discontinued operations, Houston Texas Cleaned the facilities used in a discontinued pipe threading operation to RCRA clean standards. Removed residues, stabilized to meet non-hazardous disposal standards.

Complete management of the site cleanup and remediation of a hazardous waste disposal facility involving the removal of over 1,000 yards of compacted soil contaminated with inorganic and organic wastes. The cleanup involved the removal of materials from within a tank containment area and required the removal and reinstallation of 15 storage tanks.

Closure and decontamination of metal treating facility which had ceased operations Acting as a part of the cleanup team, Quad filtered liquid to isolate liquid from solid waste materials contained in 8 storage tanks, then removed and treated the solid material, rendering it non-hazardous. Quad further decontaminated the tanks to RCRA "clean" status and performed the same liquid solid separation and stabilization on an open pit containing waste materials, then closed the pit.

Decommissioning of plant equipment for upgrade, metal treating operations, Mississippi. Managed the entire clean up project in Mississippi, requiring the removal of material from five storage vessels, separating the liquids and solid materials, then cleaning the vessels to met RCRA clean standards and treatment of solids to non-hazardous classification.

 Closure and decontamination of hazardous material collection facility Acting as a subcontractor to the EPA prime, decommissioned the entire gathering system for an EPA banned agricultural chemical. Decontamination activities included transportation of materials, cleaning and decontamination of storage tanks, lines and rails cars used in the collection activities.

Closure, cleanup and installation of secondary containment for a hazardous waste disposal facility, Harris County, Texas Established clean up plan, testing procedures and executed a staged removal of contaminated soils within process and storage areas. Completed installation of secondary containment and re-installed all process equipment and tankage. All activities accomplished while facility continued in operation.

 Emergency removal of liquid and solid arsenic contaminated materials from a chemical production facility Worked with EPA personnel to accomplish an emergency action clean up of contaminated plant site and equipment. Handled all aspects of removal.

Conducted partial closure activities of a metals production facility in East Texas by removing, over 15 million gallons of liquid and stabilizing and disposing of 9,000 tons of inorganic contaminated material for in place closure.

 Conducted closure of a metal plating operation in Harris County, Texas Decontaminated equipment, stabilized and removed contaminated soil and waste materials from a site following closure.

 Remediated a site contaminated with lead from coating operations for a Texas municipality Quad developed and executed an extensive sampling program, describing the extent and character of contamination, then managed the removal and disposal of the material. Additionally, Quad organized and coordinated the closure program pursuant to Texas Risk Reduction Standards.


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