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researchbutton.gif (1987 bytes) Separation of mixed liquid streams by emulsion breaking and dispersion reduction.

researchbutton.gif (1987 bytes) Separation of liquid and solid waste stream constituents by mechanical                             chemical means.

researchbutton.gif (1987 bytes) Cleaning of hydrocarbon contaminated soils and other solids by washing and                   chemical and biological treating techniques

researchbutton.gif (1987 bytes) Chemical toxicity reduction, solidification and fixation of materials                                containing metal compounds.

researchbutton.gif (1987 bytes) Solidification and fixation of materials containing certain organic                                    contaminates.

researchbutton.gif (1987 bytes) Chemical/physical reduction of flash points, fumes, vapors and reactive materials.

researchbutton.gif (1987 bytes) Product recovery.


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Last modified: July 27, 2005